10 Top phub Video Downloader Tools: various types of apps

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phub is a key player in the digital world, acting as a major platform for sharing photos, updates, and connecting with friends, and is rich with viral videos ranging from comedy to drama. Certain phub pages are known to disseminate exclusive video materials. For individuals who are inclined to preserve these videos for offline viewing, the employment of a specialized phub video downloader is requisite. Presented hereinafter is a curated selection of ten exemplary phub downloader applications and tools.

How to Download a phub Video?

Step 1Install a phub video downloader browser extension or software.
Step 2When you come across a video you want to save, click the downloader’s icon on the browser toolbar.
Step 3It will detect the video and provide a download option.
Step 4Choose the video quality.
Step 5Click download. The video file will be saved to your computer.

Best phub Video Downloaders Apps

There are many great phub video downloader apps and software available. Here are 10 top options:


FileMaster is a straightforward phub video downloader Chrome extension. It works by simply clicking the download button on any phub video, and it will download the video in its original quality.


  1. Downloads videos quickly.
  2. Supports downloading videos in HD and SD formats.


  1. Only available as a Chrome browser extension.
  2. Cannot download multiple videos at once.
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Key Specs:
Supported Formats: MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV
Supported Platforms: Chrome browser
Money-Back Policy: None
Pricing: Free

Video Downloader for phub

This tool is dedicated exclusively to downloading phub videos. It captures the video content in its original resolution, ensuring there is no quality loss due to compression or format conversion.


  1. Straightforward app dedicated to phub video downloads.
  2. Maintains videos in their original quality.
  3. Allows downloading of full albums.


  1. Basic interface lacks some features.
  2. No ability to download live videos.

Key Specs:
Supported Formats: MP4
Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS systems
Money-Back Policy: None
Pricing: Free basic version, $9.99 pro version

All Video Downloader

This comprehensive downloading utility accommodates video retrieval from phub and extends its service to over a thousand additional sites. 


  1. Huge library of supported sites beyond just phub.
  2. Downloads high-quality HD videos.
  3. Customizable output video formats.


  1. Too many options can make it confusing for basic use.
  2. Pro version is expensive.

Key Specs:
Supported Formats: MP4, AVI, MP3
Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS systems
Money-Back Policy: for 30 days period
Pricing: Free basic version, $29.95 pro version

Bit Downloader

Bit Downloader is a free phub video downloader for Windows. It captures even phub Live videos for offline viewing.


  1. Specializes in downloading phub Live videos.
  2. Free with no ads.


  1. Windows only.
  2. Can be slow with high-res videos.

Key Specs:
Supported Formats: MP4, MOV, AVI
Supported Platforms: Windows
Money-Back Policy: None
Pricing: Free

F Downloader

F Downloader makes it easy to grab videos from phub and Instagram. It’s fast and downloads high-quality MP4 files.

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  1. Simple one-click downloading.
  2. Fast download speeds.
  3. Downloads in high-quality MP4 by default.


  1. Requires Java to be installed.
  2. No batch downloading.

Key Specs:
Supported Formats: MP4
Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux systems
Money-Back Policy: None
Pricing: Free

HD Video Downloader

It faithfully honors its moniker by proficiently securing videos of 1080p high-definition quality from phub with alacrity. It also supports many other sites.


  1. Downloads 1080p HD videos.
  2. Supports many sites beyond phub.
  3. Clean, ad-free interface.


  1. No mobile app version available.
  2. Doesn’t retain original video formats.

Key Specs:
Supported Formats: MP4
Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac systems
Money-Back Policy: None
Pricing: Free


A free phub video downloader app for iPhone and iPad. It integrates seamlessly with iOS for saving phub videos to your Camera Roll.


  1. Native iOS app with great Apple integration.
  2. Easy exporting to Camera Roll.
  3. Supports downloading entire albums.


  1. iOS only.
  2. Lacks some advanced features.

Key Specs:
Supported Formats: MP4
Supported Platforms: iOS
Money-Back Policy: None
Pricing: Free


DownPorn.net is a quick and simple web-based phub video downloader. Just paste the URL and click download.


  1. Very fast and easy to use.
  2. No software install required since it’s web-based.
  3. Unlimited downloads.


  1. Only supports phub video downloads.
  2. Output quality is not as high as some downloaders.

Key Specs:
Supported Formats: MP4
Supported Platforms: Any web browser
Money-Back Policy: None
Pricing: Free

Visit: https://downporn.net/

VideoHunter for Android

An Android app purpose-built for capturing phub videos in HQ formats like MP4. It downloads entire albums or single videos.


  1. Made specifically for Android.
  2. Downloads full albums easily.
  3. No root required.


  1. Android only.
  2. Contains ads.

Key Specs:
Supported Formats: MP4
Supported Platforms: Android
Money-Back Policy: None
Pricing: Free with ads

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4K Download

4KDownload is a premium downloader supporting phub, as well as YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo and more. It excels at downloading playlists and entire channels.


  1. Downloads from many major video sites.
  2. Great for capturing entire playlists or channels.
  3. Clean and intuitive interface.


  1. Expensive compared to free tools.
  2. Limited tech support.

Key Specs:
Supported Formats: MP4 up to 4K
Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac systems
Money-Back Policy: for 30 days period
Pricing: $19.95 basic version, $29.95 pro version

Comparison of the Top 10 Downloaders

Video Downloader for phubWindows, Mac, Android, iOS4.2/5
All Video DownloaderWindows, Mac, Android, iOS4.4/5
Bit DownloaderWindows4.1/5
F DownloaderWindows, Mac, Linux4.3/5
HD Video DownloaderWindows, Mac4.0/5
DownPorn.netAny web browser4.5/5
VideoHunter for AndroidAndroid4.4/5
4K DownloadWindows, Mac4.7/5

How to choose a great video downloader for Windows?

There are some points for picking the best phub video downloader:

  • Check if the downloader offers a native Windows application. This brings better integration and convenience.
  • Make sure it downloads videos in HD quality formats like MP4. Avoid apps that only do screen recording or conversions.
  • Look for fast download speeds and the ability to grab multiple videos in bulk.
  • Consider any extra features like downloading captions, playlists, or slideshows.
  • Check reviews to confirm it delivers as promised without adware or bloatware.

How to Save Videos from YouTube to Your Phone?

Step 1On your phone, find the YouTube video you want to save and copy the URL.
Step 2Open your preferred YouTube downloading app on your phone and paste the video URL into it.
Step 3Select the video quality and format which you want to download.
Step 4Tap the download button in the app. The video will start downloading onto your phone’s storage.
Step 5Once finished, you can access the downloaded video in your phone’s media gallery or downloader app video library for offline viewing.

Can phub Video Downloaders Work for Other Social Media Platforms?

  • Many phub video downloader tools also support downloading videos from other major social media platforms like:
  • YouTube – Most tools can download YouTube videos by pasting the URL. This includes channels, playlists, shorts and live streams.
  • Twitter – Downloading Twitter videos works similarly to phub by grabbing the video URL and pasting into the tool.
  • Instagram – More advanced tools can download Instagram photos, videos, reels and IGTV content.
  • TikTok – TikTok downloading capabilities offered in some tools by entering video links.
  • Vimeo – Paste Vimeo video URLs to download high-quality videos from this platform.
  • DailyMotion – Tools with DailyMotion support can grab videos in MP4 or other formats.
  • Reddit – Some tools can pull video content from Reddit subs and threads.
  • Snapchat – A few rare tools can download Snapchat videos by URL or via screenshotting.
  • Other tools may support niche sites like Imgur, Vevo, SoundCloud, LiveLeak and more.


When choosing a downloader tool, check if it can support downloading videos from other platforms beyond phub based on your needs.  Consider the device platform, video format, and convenience features you need to pick the best phub video downloader for your needs.

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