8 Basic Steps to Win a Philosophy Essay Competition Successfully

ByTaha Aziz

Jan 19, 2024
8 Basic Steps to Win a Philosophy Essay Competition Successfully

Essay writing competitions have been popular over the years. It allows students to write a masterpiece and win prizes in the competition. The philosophy essay competition has attracted many students to refine their skills in arguments.

A report published by Florida State University News on 26 July 2023 reports that a philosophy doctorate student has won an international essay competition due to her work excellence in coping with anger. She was awarded the 2022 Philosophy Essay Prize by the Royal Institute of Philosophy, UK. 

It shows students’ interest in participating in these competitions and performing uniquely to achieve international recognition. For its efficient implementation, students not only work on building strong arguments but are also concerned with framing an excellent essay document.

 This way, they can deliver their intent to the reader in a true sense. In this guide, the concerns of such students will be addressed well. We will provide a step-by-step guide to writing their essays. So continue ready to delve into the detailed insights. 

What is Philosophy Essay Competition?

The philosophy essay competitions encourage students to pursue their interest in philosophy. According to Libra Education, every year, there is a Royal Institute of Philosophy Essay Competition that allows winners to receive £2,500 and have their work published. 

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How Do You Write a Philosophy Essay for a Competition?

Are you looking for an undergraduate philosophy essay competition? The increasing crowd of students may make you able to question your abilities. You may be nervous and look for ways to perform uniquely so that you can win the competition. 

To make the process smooth for you, this guide will address the main concerns. So continue reading if you want to be distinctive. 

8 Steps Guide to Win an Essay Philosophy Essay Contest

If you are searching for ways to write an essay that can win the competition, this guide is for you. Before starting from scratch, look for the competition so that you can estimate how well you need to perform to beat the existing scenario. Do you know the philosophy essay competition winners in 2023? Cogito Education is delighted to announce the 2023 winners, 

  • Ryan Edgell
  • Orlando Virgin
  • Viktoria Nagy

In this article, you will find the ultimate formula in this guide to win the philosophy essay competition. But availing of help from expert essay writers from a reputable platform can ensure the first prize for you. They have expertise in crafting countless masterpieces that have won excellence in previous years. 

1. Read the Essay Contest Rules Before Starting

The contest will give you an idea of how the essay should be crafted. Also, it provides an estimation of the rules to be followed up. For this purpose, pay attention to the submission dates, philosophy essay competition structure, word limit, etc. If you do not follow it, the essay is prone to disqualified. 

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2. Brainstorm Essay Ideas to Pick a Topic that Works with the Theme

If you are looking for ways to win the philosophy essay competition 2024, consider choosing an interesting topic as a mean element. Most of the essay contests have particular themes. You need to make a list of all of those and brainstorm philosophy essay competition ideas to narrow down the list. Try to pick the one that seems interesting to you. Do you want to learn about the philosophy essay competition topics for 2024? 

  • Give a brief description of the ethical ideas concerning abortions. 
  • What do you think, morality is subjective or objective? 
  • Does good or evil truly exist, or is it just an illusion? 

3. Write a Draft of Your Essay to Get out all of Your Ideas

The first draft is not always perfect. It is perfectly fine to make several drafts unless you come up with the final polished framework. It must include all the details, Philosophy essay competition examples, or sections to be included in your essay. For this purpose, make an outline or diagram that includes all headings and subheadings. 

4. Revise the Essay to Create a Final Draft

Once you have written your essay, go through the whole content for several reasons, such as, 

  • Add anything necessary 
  • Delete any unnecessary part
  • Make sure its sense is interesting to the reader 

5. Bring Your Essay to Life by Using Lots of Descriptive Words

Whether you are describing an event, place, subject, or other things, it is important to make use of descriptive words in the philosophy essay competition. This way, the reader can picture the scenario well. It helps the reader feel, hear, taste, and connect with the image. For instance, you can write like, 

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“Whether a heavy breath suffocates the soul of the sufferer or a delightful moment hypes the dopamine level in the body, both are meant to come over nerves. A life understanding in its true essence troubles.”

6. Be Original In Your Writing to Make Your Essay Stand Out

It’s not a good idea to paraphrase your whole philosophy essay competition essay. Instead, at least have one original element, whether it’s breathtaking, a description of the place, a funny dialogue, fascinating subjects, etc. Read your essay to spot a place where you write a simple sentence in an interesting way that engages the reader more. 

7. Proofread the Essay Carefully to Check for any Mistakes

It is time to make edits for mistakes like grammar errors, spelling mistakes, tying mishaps, etc. Read the whole philosophy essay competition write-up to make sure that there are no punctuation mistakes.  You may also ask any other person to read it for you. 

8. Submit your Essay Before the Deadline

You should make sure to submit your essay timely. It is even better to submit it before the deadline so that judges have time to read it carefully rather than rushing through it, as they also have to read all other essays submitted.  


Winning a philosophy essay competition gives a really tough time to students. The increasing competition is undeniable, especially when we see the checklist of previous years’ Cambridge philosophy essay competition winners. They must have been performing exceptionally well in their essay write-up, which made them stand among the essay winners. From choosing an interesting title to making all necessary edits, we described the details of each. In order to get a winning paper, it is better to acquire essay writing help from experts. It is indeed true that competitors themselves will perform better, but remember, a write-up is the test of your writing skills rather than comprehension of the subject.

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