Do I Know who Watched my Instagram Story?


Feb 11, 2024

Everybody has had the experience of posting on social networks and later regretting what they posted. However adorable your pet is it’s as posting too many videos of your pet. Also, we’ve all shared the Story that we are particularly happy about, like an announcement about a significant accomplishment or significant milestone.

Although you may not be regretting posting something You’ve likely been wondering if you could see those who saw the content on your Instagram Story. It’s normal to ask what number of your followers and friends followers have seen the latest story or failed.

It’s fairly easy to get the list of Story viewers that will fill your curiosity. Learn how to keep track of who has watched Your IG Stories and equip you with additional information to aid you on your way to success in the “Gram.

What can you do to Find out who has Seen Your Instagram Story?

Did your boss catch your raucous evening out? Did your mother know that you’ve been featured in a highly regarded literary journal? It’s not necessary to be concerned any longer – you can find out what Instagram people have seen your Stories using the steps below:

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⦁ Sign in to ⦁ Instagram via the iPhone or Android device.

⦁ You can tap on your profile image at the top right corner of the IG homepage, or click on the account page when your Story is active.

⦁ On the lower left of the page, just below the word Activity, there are up to three tiny, circular profiles of your followers who have visited your Story. Just click on the three circled pictures.

⦁ The number of people who have seen your Story will be displayed at the top of the screen, and you’ll be able to scroll through the list to see the people who have viewed your Story. The number of likes your Story has been given will show on the top of the page by a small heart right next to the user’s photo, and below the names list it will show the View count (the amount of people who have viewed the Story). You may be wondering if there are non-followers who have visited the Instagram Story, and once you’ve got the answer, yes. Anyone who has viewed your Story regardless of whether you’re a follower or otherwise, will show in the list below.

Do you Know who Views the Videos on Your IG Stories if you use A PC?

You can find the listing of people who view Instagram Stories. Instagram Story if you use your computer. However, there’s no Insights tab. There are only usernames.

This is how you can determine who has viewed Insta Stories. Here’s how you can see who viewed your Insta Stories.

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Open a Story.

Tap on the user’s icons.

Who was Watching the Content of Your IG Stories After They Disappeared?

It is possible to determine who has viewed the content on your Instagram Story even if it was removed from the account page. Viewers’ names are visible within your account for up to at least 48 hours from the time that your content was uploaded.

Stories will be added to Instagram Archive immediately within 24 hours after the time they were uploaded. If you visit the Instagram Archive after the image or video is gone from your Instagram profile you will see the viewers list. Be aware that you will not find Stories that you manually deleted there.

Here’s how to look up the viewers’ names within Instagram’s Instagram Archive:

⦁ Settings for Open Accounts.

⦁ Choose Archive.

⦁ Click the menu.

⦁ Choose Stories Archive.

⦁ Tap a Story.

⦁ Click the Viewers list to see them.

⦁ You can switch to tabs using the eye symbol.

If you don’t see a Story that you require, make sure to make sure you check Your Archive settings.

IG Stories Archive Settings

Instagram Stories will be added to the archive only when you don’t change the default setting. Make sure the feature works and then turn it off if it isn’t.

⦁ Open your account settings.

⦁ Choose Settings.

⦁ Open Privacy.

⦁ Go to Story.

⦁ Press the button to Save Stories to Archive if you see gray. If it’s blue, then the feature is on.

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Watching Instagram Stories Anonymously

If you have a profile that is public People can see Instagram Stories anonymously. Instagram Stories anonymously, you are not aware of the identity of those who view your Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories stalkers perform it with the internet to access Instagram viewers or savers. Users don’t need to sign up for their IG accounts on these websites. Therefore, you won’t know who viewed the content of your Instagram Story. The username will not appear on the viewer list.

If you do not want Instagram followers to view your account anonymously, you can create a private profile. However, this will make it impossible for users to view your content, Reels, and IGTV if they don’t follow your account.

The Final Lines

It is now possible to find out who has seen the Instagram Story even when it disappears from your account. Check the viewer list of the Story on the app or via the site using computers. You can visit the Archive for a view of an unpublished Story It’s only available through the application.

If you don’t know those who have viewed the story on your Instagram Story, there’s no way to know who has seen it. If you are unable to locate a Story in Archive, check the settings for auto-save.

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