Non-condensing Boiler Replacement Tips for UK Homeowners: What You Should Know

ByQamer Javed

Feb 7, 2024

As the winter season sets across the UK, thoughts turn to keeping our homes warm and cozy. However, for many UK homeowners, heating homes are cause for concern, especially with their properties’ high energy bills and outdated heating systems. Suppose you’re currently relying on a non-condensing boiler- don’t worry. We have good news for you. You could be eligible for a free and fully funded new boiler in 2024 under a replacement grant scheme at Free Boiler Scheme UK. Check our website for free energy efficiency upgrades for your property.

Getting a new boiler in Cardiff, Devon, and Newport seems complicated, but we simplify it. Our eligibility checker can help you to check your eligibility for a new boiler grant in 60 seconds. If you are a homeowner receiving certain benefits, you may qualify for a grant to replace your old, non-condensing boiler free of cost!

We dig deeper into the best tips for upgrading your non-condensing boiler 2024. We’ll also ensure your home stays warm and comfortable while breaking the bank.

But first, Lets understand why the government wants to eliminate non-condensing boilers. And to replace it with more effort heating options in Scotland, Wales, and England.

Why do Non-condensing boilers need to be replaced? An Overview

A government program called the ECO4 Grant UK is intended to assist landlords and homeowners in making their houses more energy-efficient. The eco boiler replacement grant is to swap out an inefficient, non-condensing boiler for a more energy-efficient condensing boiler—the boilers installed before 2005. More than half of a typical household’s fuel expenses go toward heating and hot water. Your energy expenses will drop significantly. And you won’t have to pay a penny by switching to an A-rated condensing boiler.

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One kind of boiler that is to recover heat that would often be lost during combustion is a condensing boiler. This is accomplished by heating the water in the boiler with the help of a condensing heat exchanger, which absorbs heat from the flue gases. 

With a total investment of £4 billion, the availability of these free government grants makes the changeover considerably simpler. With the help of these government funds, you might receive free insulation and ventilation for your house in addition to the advantages of a brand-new, energy-efficient boiler.

What are the Advantages of a New Combi Boiler?

Choosing a non-condensing boiler replacement over a condensing one has several benefits:

  • Because non-condensing boilers are often less expensive, they are a desirable choice for Welsh homeowners to upgrade their heating systems without going over budget. 
  • Installing a non-condensing boiler is usually far less expensive than a condensing boiler. A non-condensing boiler typically requires a much smaller initial installation cost than a condensing boiler. 
  • It can assist in lowering your total heating expenses, mainly if money is tight.

How can I apply for the Government Replacement Boiler Scheme in Dumfries and Ayr?

As soon as your application for a boiler replacement grant is approved. Our qualified and licensed installer will install your free boiler in the UK and increase the energy efficiency of your house. These highly qualified and insured Gas Safe registered professionals will get the highest skill levels while replacing your old non-condensing boiler- with a brand-new A-rated combination boiler at no extra cost.

7 Top Tips for Replacement of your old Boiler

  1. Choosing the Right Size: Before getting a new boiler, consider how big your home is, how many people live there, and where you live. This helps you pick the right-sized boiler, especially in places like Manchester or Wales, where the weather can affect heating needs.
  2.  Researching Brands and Schemes: Consider companies like the Free Boiler Scheme when considering replacing your boiler. Check out what other people say about them. And keep an eye out for schemes that help specific individuals, like pensioners or disabled people in places like Cardiff, Newport, and Dundee.
  3.  Exploring Government Help: See if there are any government schemes for getting a new boiler. Things like “new boiler grants” or “boiler grants for disabled people” can make it affordable.
  4. Getting Expert Advice: Talk to heating experts, especially if you live in areas with specific schemes like “Boiler Grants London” or “Boiler Replacement Scheme Scotland.” They know all the options available and can guide you through the process.
  5. Thinking about Your Budget: Consider how much money you have to spend and how much you might save on energy bills with a new boiler. If you qualify for “free boiler grants UK,” it could make a big difference to what you can afford.
  6. Choosing Qualified Installers: Ensure the people installing your new boiler are adequately trained and registered. This is important for your safety, especially if you’re getting an extensive system like a “large combi boiler.”
  7. Keeping Up with Maintenance: Once you’ve got your new boiler, look after it properly. Get it serviced regularly, especially if you live somewhere with lots of different weather, like Wales or Manchester. This helps it work well and keeps you warm and cozy all year round.
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By following these simple steps, you can make replacing your boiler in the UK much more accessible. It’s all about choosing the right boiler for your home and getting help if needed. With some planning, you can keep your home warm and comfortable without breaking the bank.

Customer Reviews about Replacement Grants

Our customers have expressed their satisfaction with the Free Boiler Scheme through positive feedback. They’ve shared their experiences, highlighting the effectiveness and quality of our services. The testimonials often mention the reliability and professionalism of our team, emphasizing our commitment to providing excellent solutions for boiler replacement.

Overall, customer feedback reflects the Boiler Replacement Grant UK positive difference in enhancing heating systems and overall living experiences for our valued clients.


Switching from a non-condensing to a condensing boiler is bright for UK households. Check your eligibility and submit an application using our form. You need to submit evidence of your income, the age of the boiler, and the EPC. Our team will contact you after considering your application. You can get boiler replacement assistance in Cardiff, Wrexham, and Aberystwyth.

Enjoy a warmer home, save money, and contribute to a greener future with a modern condensing boiler at Free Boiler Scheme.

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