The usefulness of maintaining time for better men’s health


Feb 12, 2024
Mens health

You surely have read about reflex action in your science books. There you found an example of a dog producing saliva every time at a fixed time. Do you remember that? If you succeed in recollecting the example, what do you find about your bodily behaviour from that?

The essential and underlying fact that comes out is our internal process of working. At a perfect time, we produce enzymes, pepsins and other things that run the bodily show. What will happen, when that time gets disrupted? The enzymes will flow; the pepsins and other hormonal discharges will flow too; but there will be no food before it to digest. There will be a total mishap inside your body. However, you cannot identify them even if, stay outside, but the collateral damage will start then and there. 

Why do you face the damage? 

Consider your workplace. You go there every day at a fixed time. One sudden day, you get there and you find that your office is shut down. What will be your initial reaction? You will start looking at your watch repeatedly. Even you can go to nearby places to confirm whether your watch is running correctly or not. After you find all the things are accurate, you will start sweating and will become nervous. 

Loads of things will start coming to your mind. You will think – is my office shifted? If so, why I have not been informed? Have they fired me? Since they fired me, they have not informed me about this shift. Again, you will take a deep breath and start making calls to your colleagues. If they do not pick up your call, right then, your condition will be pitiable. Do not think that these all are happening to you. This is just an imaginary plotting of a single day at your office. 

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However, this imaginary thing made you think a lot. Hence, just imagine when things would not happen in time, how hazardous the situation become. Why do we take such a horrific example? This is because you remain inside your office and hence, you are an internal object of your office. Nuisances happen there and people staying outside have no idea what is going on inside. Likewise, when you change your timing of lunch, dinner, sleep and other things, hazards start forming like this and the result is your sickness. 

What consequences do you face?

Hormones flow on their own time, enzymes follow their schedule, but there remains no food for their consumption. You can understand the scenario with our last example. You reach your office in time, and there is no office at all. The way you became sick at that time, the same sickness happens inside your body and you start finding endless hazardous ailments with you. 

Coming to the ailments you face, initially, you will face issues like indigestion, gas attack in the chest, near neck, headaches and other casual ailments. When the same things happen repeatedly, the effect will be on your nervous system, your blood pressure and even your cholesterol or blood sugar level. In acute conditions, you can develop diabetes or BP-related ailments and even thyroid. 

If you give a damn even then, you can even face a heart attack or a cerebral attack, and under serious conditions, you can face sexual ailments like ED, where you need to take different pills for a lifetime like Cenforce 2000 mg sildenafil citrate or Vidalista 20 mg Tadalafil pill.

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How to manage timing

It is your life and you live your life in your timing. Hence, no third person can refer you to the timing you should maintain in your life. However, you must know some prominent things, as that will help you to decide the timing you must follow.

The first of them is the gapping of your food. The metabolism within you is the formula of your digestion, and this metabolism completes its process within 6 hours of your supper. Hence, you must design your schedule in such a way that the gapping of your two suppers must not cross 8 hours. If you maintain this timing, your hormones and enzymes will never go idle and you will stay healthy and free from the hassles of Fildena 100 mg, or similar other drugs.

Coming to sleep must be according to the physical and mental exercise you follow in a day. If you work hard physically, you need 8 hours of sleep. If your work is more mental than physical, sleep must not be more than 5 hours a day. In addition, if your work is spiritual, like music, writing, or training someone, sleep must be restricted to 6 hours. 


As you follow the schedule we mentioned, you would lead a hassle-free life and free from all health hazards. Moreover, you can regulate your food habits, your workouts, and other aspects too, for a better lifestyle and better life, whereby you will stay away from Vidalista 60 mg Generic Pills for your entire life. 

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