Unforgettable Beaches in the UK You Won’t Want to Miss

Vacationers to the United Kingdom will never run out of breathtaking coastlines to explore, from the golden sands of Cornwall to the rough strands of Scotland. British beaches may lack the Mediterranean warmth of their American counterparts, but they more than make up for it with personality, charisma, and the unexpected. 

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The best way to enjoy the weather is to go outside, look around, and eat fish and chips. Should you be in need of a seaside getaway, we have compiled a list of five of the finest beaches in the UK to spark your imagination.

Kynance Cove, Cornwall

Kynance Cove, an inlet owned by the National Trust a mile north of Cornwall’s Lizard Point, is a breathtaking sight, with its rocky offshore islands protruding from tropically blue waters. 

In abundance, the cliffs surrounding the cove contain serpentine, a reddish-green rock that was beloved by Victorian-era jewelers. Incredible beauty abounds at this location, which, when the waves are mild, makes for thrilling wild swimming. You can get some snacks and drinks at the beach cafe that’s close by.

Luskentyre, South Harris, Scotland

Acres of low-tide white sands meet turquoise waters at Luskentyre, a stunning Scottish beach in the South Harris region. From here, you can see snow-dusted mountains in all their glory. 

In order to reach the island of Taransay, take a stroll westward along the beach or through the grassy dunes that run along the northern side of the bay. The scenery is breathtaking. Perched on a picturesque roadside just south of the beach sits the quaint Cake Shed, arguably the tiniest cafe in Scotland.

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Shell Beach, Herm, Guernsey

If not for the stark, unforgiving rocks off the coast, Herm’s star beach could pass for a Caribbean beach. At Shell Beach, huge stretches of dazzling white sand are lapped by teal waters. Summer is the prime time for sea kayaking.

Located on the picturesque Herm Island, east of Guernsey, it got its name from the millions of tiny shell fragments that were washed in from the Gulf Stream. The Shell Beach Cafe, easily identifiable by its brightly colored parasols, is a great spot to grab a bite to eat or drink. 

Gwithian and Godrevy Towans, Cornwall

At low tide, these adorable neighboring beaches come together to make one long, spectacular crescent of golden, level sand. Said to have served as inspiration for Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse, the island lighthouse in the tiny cove of Godrevy is located at the eastern end. 

Looking west, you’ll see Gwithian, a massive sandy arc that stretches all the way to the Hayle River. An essential habitat for wildlife, the grassy cliffs (towans in Cornish) are a summer carpet of wildflowers and a place for seabirds to lay their eggs. Get a piping hot mug of coffee from the Hungry Horsebox Co.’s blue mobile beach cafe. 

Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire, Wales

A picturesque fifteen-minute stroll south along the coast path from Stackpole Quay and the outstanding Boathouse Tea-room leads to Barafundle Bay in Pembrokeshire, which is often named one of the most beautiful beaches in Britain. Beautiful though it is, summer weekends see a fair amount of crowds due to the spot’s fame, despite its relative isolation. There will be no parking spots available if you do not arrive early. 

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Maybe you’ll have the entire place to yourself if you go during the off-season.

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