Unlock the Power of AlgoDocs and Automatic Data Extraction

ByQamer Javed

Jan 27, 2024


Imagine if there was a way to automate data extraction—no more manual input or wasting time extracting the same data repeatedly. With AlgoDocs, that’s exactly what you get. 

AlgoDocs is a web-based data extraction platform that helps organizations extract data from all types of files, like PDFs and image files, such as bank statements, invoices, HR forms and payrolls, receipts, sales and purchase orders, price lists, and many more. It allows you to extract only the data you need by letting you extract specific fields, tables, signatures, handwriting, and marks detection, then exporting the extracted data to a range of formats, including Excel, JSON, and XML. 

Plus, with our powerful automatic data extraction feature, you can say goodbye to the days of manual data entry. Simply upload your file, select the fields you want to extract, and let AlgoDocs take care of the rest! 

What is AlgoDocs? 

AlgoDocs is a powerful and innovative new tool that can help you wave goodbye to manual data extraction and say hello to faster, more accurate data analysis. 

You can use AlgoDocs for free forever, with 50 pages per month. If you need to process a higher number of pages, then please see our affordable pricing plans. 

AlgoDocs automates the process of extracting data from scanned documents, so you can spend less time gathering information and more time analyzing it. With AlgoDocs, you can quickly and easily extract the data you need without having to fumble through pages of text or struggle to read illegible handwriting. 

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Witness the AlgoDocs in action as they conduct a live demonstration, highlighting the tool’s prowess in converting PDFs and images into editable files within a minute. Explore the demo by clicking here.

How does AlgoDocs automate data extraction? 

Since AlgoDocs is cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere and at any time. So, whether you’re in the office or on the go, you can get the data you need without having to wait. 

For example, AlgoDocs allow unlocking table extraction capabilities, its powerful OCR engine can detect and extract data from tables in your documents with ease.  

To unlock AlgoDocs’ table extraction capabilities, first, you’ll upload your document, and AlgoDocs will automatically scan it to find all sections and tables. 

Extracting table data 

Once you confirm the tables you want to extract from, AlgoDocs gets to work. Its advanced OCR and table-parsing technology read the text and layout in the table to identify:  

  • Rows and columns 
  • Headers 
  • Data cells 

It then extracts the data from each cell and organizes it into a structured table format. AlgoDocs can handle tables of various complexities, including:  

  • Multi-level headers 
  • Merged cells 
  • Multipage tables 
  • The list goes on and on,  

The extracted data is output in a format you specify, such as CSV, JSON, or an Excel spreadsheet. You now have a machine-readable table of data from your document that can be imported, analyzed, and leveraged in various systems and workflows.  

What Benefits Can AlgoDocs Provide? 

AlgoDocs can provide several benefits for your organization, including: 

  • The ability to extract data from any scanned document like PDFs and images such as bank statements, invoices, HR forms and payrolls, receipts, sales and purchase orders, price lists, and many more
  • The ability to extract specific fields or tables from native or scanned documents.
  • The ability to export the extracted data into a variety of formats, including CSV, XLSX, JSON, and XML.
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